Blaze Premium Herbal Shisha 50g - Cherry

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The best herbal shisha molasses in the world. Its so good, its the first herbal endorses. Why ?

Blaze Shisha is made with 100% natural ingredients !

Full strength flavour, not just a hint of flavour but a blast of mouth watering intesity

Realistic flavour, actually tastes like the real thing !


Herbal Molasses Tax Increase from 1st Jan 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The UK government is increasing herbal molasses Import Duty to match tobacco duty on the 1st of January 2014. Due to the impending tax increases we estimate herbal molasses prices to increase about £4 per 50g, this change will effect any molasses imported into the UK from 1st of January.

Up until now herbal molasses duty has been 16.6% on the cost of the herbal and 16.6% on the shipping costs on import. This will increase to £91.50 per kg (£4.58 per 50g).

On top of the above increases there will also be an increase caused by VAT on the extra Import Duty. Yes you read that right, there is VAT on the import duty.

We strongly advise customers to stock up on their favourite flavours before the price increase filters down to the retailer on new stock.

More information is available on the UK Governments website at the following link

Molasses Type
Herbal (Zero Nicotine)
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